Hunting on Kroetch - Mica Creek

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Update 2022:
8/26: Careful: Once again, fire danger will be high for archery opening.

Update 2021:
9/15: Permits now available. Please keep in mind that fire danger is still high.

8/17: Opening will be delayed due to fire danger.

Update 2017:
9/19: Fire restrictions lifted beginning Friday, 9/22; Permits available starting Thursday 9/21, but no access before Friday.

8/23: Fire danger has again forced some changes. No hunting until status changes. Notifications posted at:, or

Update 2016:
8/18: Fish and Game is not currently issuing permits until we get a little closer to opening day so we can decide on fire danger, some proposed map changes etc. We hope to have a definitive answer in a week or two.

Update 2015:
Access Restrictions during high fire danger.
(Look for change in status coming 9/12/2015)

Update 2013:
Trapping is no longer allowed.

Update August 20, 2012:
It appears the parking problem along the highway has been resolved, thanks to Id Fish and Game. Let's hope it sticks. Park with care.

As explained in the Apr 8, 2012 update, please remember that there will be no access available from Carnie Road.

Update July 1, 2012:
No Parking signs have been posted at all the access points along Hwy 95, we assume by Idaho Transportation Dept. Everything between the highway and the gates is highway right-of-way, and apparently someone has complained about the vehicles parking there, even though safety would not seem to be an issue. Attempts by Idaho Fish and Game to find a reasonable solution have been unsuccessful so far.

So if you wish to complain, the landowners and Fish and Game are not the ones to complain to. (I.T.D.?)

Update April 8, 2012:
2012 permits are ready at the Fish and Game office. Permits are good for
April 8 thru May 25, 2012 and Sept 6, 2012 thru Feb 16, 2013.
Please note that there will be no access available from Carnie Road.
The Carnie Road access is private property, and the owners will have vehicles towed and/or call law enforcement.

Beginning August 30, 2011;
Anyone wanting to hunt on Mica Bay Land needs to go to the Fish and Game office to get a permission card, map, and rules.
It will be non-motorized only. Fighting Creek is off-limits.
Fish and Game will patrol, and they will issue citations for non-compliance.

  Idaho Fish and Game
  Panhandle Region Office
  2885 W. Kathleen Ave. (across from the tree nursery)
  Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815


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